Orla O'Callaghan


I am a fourth year Business Honors and Accounting major. I am the 5’9’’ girl who awkwardly walks on her tip-toes out of habit—seriously, it’s bizarre. Interesting facts aside, I am so excited to be UTG president this year! As president, I have an array of responsibilities. My main weekly task is to plan and run the UTG meetings. Apart from that, my job is to make sure everything is running smoothly. I handle most of the administrative duties, and am available to answer any questions--please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns! I hope to serve as a vessel to put UTG members' vision into action, so bring your ideas, get ready for some fun, and I will see you at the meeting!

Contact: orla.ocallaghan@mail.utexas.edu

Katy Poulter

Vice President

I am a senior Radio-Television-Film major focusing on screenwriting and story development for interactive gaming. I'm a closet nerd and like to do things like blog, code web pages, and play Legend of Zelda in my spare time. I've been in the guild since my first semester freshman year and it continues to change my life for the better a little more each semester, so I am very excited to be giving back to the guild this year as VP! My duties include Risk Management, Community Service, and maintaining of the website, as well as being Orla's right-hand woman when need be. Feel free to come to me with any questions about the guild!

Contact: katyerin@utexas.edu

Erica Henderson


I am a junior Theatre and Dance major with a focus in Acting, although I plan to follow an independent teaching track to eventually teach EC-12 Theatre. I have come to acquire certain titles in UTG since I joined my first semester freshman year, such as being the "Sorority Girl of UTG," as well as being the "First Lady of UTG," because of my relationship with former UTG President, Tyree Hall. In all seriousness, though, UTG has changed my life in so many ways since I have joined, and it has quickly become my main passion here at UT. I am ecstatic to add yet another title to my name and be the Secretary of the guild for the 2011-2012 school year! My duties include sending out weekly emails to members regarding meetings/shows/socials/etc., reserving spaces for meetings/productions, recording notes and ideas for party themes/joke awards/nominations, as well as being the initial contact person through email. Feel free to email me with any questions, comments, or concerns you may have!

Contact: erica_henderson@utexas.edu

Harold Fisch


I am a senior of Rhetoric and Writing, hoping to go into a career writing tasteless romance novels. I'm a political junkie and a struggling actor, when I am not struggling with school. I joined the guild a year ago and my time with the guild has given me some of my best college memories and some of my closest friends. This year I am honored to serve the guild as your Treasurer. I will be the one
responsible for managing dues and ticket sales along with other duties. Never fear, your well invested money is safe with me. I've taken all of UTG's money and invested it into subprime mortgages! There's no way we can lose!!!

Amar Mehta


I am a senior and majoring Advertising and Anthropology with an archaeology focus. I've been participating in the University Theatre Guild since my freshman semester, and have enjoyed continuing my joy of theatre, the highlight being directing my own show 4.48 Psychosis in Spring 2010. My duties as publicist include managing tabling, creating flyers, posters, and any other guild and show promotion.

Annie Fitchner


I am a sophomore sociology major with a little bit of communication studies on the side. I am embarrassingly addicted to craft blogs and and take way too many pictures, many of which are of my cat. I enjoy all aspects of theatre and am so super excited to be an officer for UTG this year! What an amazing group to be a part of. My duties as historian include taking photos of the plays, meetings, social gatherings, and other group activities. With these photos I will make a slide show for the banquets each semester as well as add on to the UTG scrapbook. Also, head shots will be available for any guild member who wants one. If you take any cool pictures this year, by all means please send them my way! I am always open to new ideas so just shoot me an email and we can talk!

Sean Moran


Don't worry, my bio is coming soon!

Madelyn Kay

Social Director

I am a senior majoring in Communication Studies and minoring in Italian who has no clue what she wants to do with her life. I’m also a bartender who has recently been getting into mixology, which is pretty rad. I’ve been part of UTG for the past two years, and I give full credit to the guild in making my college experience as amazing as it has been. This is my second year being the Social Director, and I’m really excited to make this year even better than the last! My duties involve organizing a social event every month as well as all of our cast parties and our banquet every semester.